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Jabari Productions

Led by CEO Clinton Garibaldi, Jabari CG Productions lists a large number of successful events under its portfolio. Among the past events are the Atlanta Summer Festival in 2010 and the Oliver Samuels Comedy Tour to Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Washington D.C.

SO WHY CHICAGO? Clinton Garibaldi explained the decision behind the move: “Having done Philly for a while and having seen the success and the joy the event brought to people, we believed it was time to give another city a taste of what we do. I have strong connections in Chicago and I believe that the city needs an event like this. We are bringing not only food and musical culture to the city but we are also creating a space where people of all nationalities, ethnicities and faith can gather in common spirit. So the festival is more than just food and music; it is about building communities and creating legacies.”
Jamaican jerk food will be the centrepiece cuisine at the festival but the jerk concept will be expanded to other national dishes. People of different backgrounds will be encouraged to use the concept in the preparation of their own meals and to create different recipes.

The entertainment package will feature some of the biggest names in Reggae, Spanish, African and Caribbean music on a large outdoor stage. There will be children-centred games and activities like face paintings and costumed walkabouts. There will be a grand market parade complete with stalls offering souvenirs, jewellery, clothing, arts and crafts; all working together to produce the ultimate festival experience.

The cuisine and music culture of the city of Chicago is about to be changed – forever! Top-flight entertainment company Jabari CG Productions is bringing a new music, food and beverage experience to town that will excite palates and reinvigorate the imagination of food connoisseurs.